Muscle on Main - NAS event

  1. Muscle on Main - NAS event

    This is my 4th North American Strongman (NAS) competition. I'm in the under 200# class (weighed in at 196 with my clothes on). Here are some pics from the event...

    1st event.
    Fridge and Stone carry Medley.
    Carry two fridges weighing approx. 525# about 80 feet, then grab the 160 pound stone and run back 80 feet to the start. I got second in this event.

    2nd Event
    Log clean and press for reps. Clean the log and press it over your head for as many reps as you can. You can drop it if you want and go again...90 seconds. I got 7 reps and took the lead in this event.

    3rd event.
    Pull this tiny truck weighing 51,000 pounds 80 feet in less than 90 seconds. I did it in 42 seconds, claiming another victory.

    4th event.
    Hummer tire deadlift. The paper said 500 pounds, but it sure felt like less...I think it was 475 tops. As many reps as possible in 90 seconds. I went last and the top person beore me was 14 reps...I did 16 and called it quits. Enough to take the victory, and no need to destroy my back.

    5th event
    Stones...a strongman staple right? My weakest event for the day, but still got enough to take the victory.

    Bringing home the Iron...
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  2. pics
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  3. More pics from the event

    More pics from the event
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  4. Looks like a good time!

  5. Badass man, good job.

  6. Good job drivehard!! Well done! Looks like it was a blast! Congrats

  7. great job man!


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