Ruptured Bicep Injury Training

  1. Ruptured Bicep Injury Training

    Am 13 weeks since surgery on a ruptured bicep done during a 325kg deadlift.
    Any advice on the best way to return to training ??

  2. I tore mine off at the sholder 2 years ago. I forget the exact time I waited once my cast was off but I think it was about 8 weeks. I started back real light and careful. Like 10-15 lb dumbell curls for higher reps to get the blood in there. Also, be careful when putting dumbells down after say an incline press, i see people doing almost a fly to drop them and that puts ALOT of stress on the Bi's. ANother tip a Doc gave me that works out at my gym is to use straps for back work to take some stress off the bis's. Up your weight every month or so if everything feels ok. Plan on 6 months to get back, I did and have not had a single issue, in fact that arm is stronger than the "good" arm

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