trick to deads with octagon plates?

  1. trick to deads with octagon plates?

    I'm hoping someone has a trick for me. My local gym has no bumper plates all we have is those octagon plates. When you dead lift it totally f*cks you up. One end rolls on way and one rolls the other. So then your pulling with on arm 4 inches in front and one 4 inches behind. Its really messing up my dead sessions. You can reset every time but it throws you all off. Anyone had this problem and figured out some trick to fix this? I can just see my back blowing out due to some misaligned pull attempt.

  2. man, that sucks. i've never used the octagon style and can see your dilemma with the deads. why do companies insist on trying improve something that is time tested? ugh. i don't think there is a whole lot you can do, other than, if your gym has a power rack, set up the pins as low as you possibly can to get a full as you can pull while keeping the plates off the ground...

  3. ya that is the only thing i can think of. I figured others must have had this problem before. power rack it is though until I switch gyms assemble my own garage gym or come up with something better.

  4. I just stagger the plates, my gym has foam mats so ill deadlift off of those. Plates don't really move much .

  5. if you pull off foam mats it can help to cushion the plates enough so that the angles of the plates don't come into play.

  6. way i've done it is when you load up the first plate, turn it onto a corner (so its taller) then slide the others on with the flat side down, they go easy. then just shimmy them all with your hands to line them up before the lift.

  7. dude i hate that **** i would just pull singles really all that you can do. you can **** up ur back big time... When i had to lift at a gym like this id pull a couple singles of the ground then do rep work of pins

  8. either pull off the pins or reset the weight and do as series of singles.

  9. cant say I have that problem, but i do deload the weight and reset; i adjust my stance to the bar position instead of trying to adjust bar to my position....


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