Erector Shirts

  1. Erector Shirts

    Anyone use erector shirts for added stability and slight increase in lifts? I use briefs for squatting for the added support specially since my knees are my weak point and I like what I feel with those..

    I was thinking of using the erector shirt for deads/squats..

    Lastly, I wanna make sure its not a bastard to put on like a blast or denim shirt, it needs to be relatively convenient..

    Thanks in advance fellaz.

  2. An erector shirt will be a real pain to get on and off and won't be comfortable. Basically nobody wears them at meets, so it's unlikely they really help at all. Powerlifters will do almost anything to add a few pounds to their total yet no one seems to use them, which tells me they are largely ineffective.

  3. I wouldn't waste your time with one. Very few people ever used them, and it's a stretch to find anyone at all who uses them now. They are a PITA and not worth it IMO.

  4. Thanks fellaz, scratch that idea!

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