Inzer ********s vs Metal Ace Pro Briefs

  1. Inzer ********s vs Metal Ace Pro Briefs

    I have never bought any form of suit/shirt/brief for powerlifting and these are going to be my first purchase of gear. I've heard these are the two best choices and I was looking for advice on which would be best.

    Some important info (I think): I use a sumo stance for deadlift, and a wide stance on squat. 5'11" 285lbs

  2. You really can't go too wrong with either one. Both are very good. If this is your first gear, they could be tough to adjust to. If they are fitted tight they could take 500-600 lbs. to get depth. I would recommend you do one of two things: 1) Get something a little less extreme like the Metal Pro briefs (they are easier to break in and get depth, but less supportive than the Ace or ********s) or 2) Get the Ace or ********s but buy a size that isn't super tight so they are easier to deal with (you could get them taken in at some point later if you wanted more support once you know how to use them).

  3. I second the getting the basic metal pro's. They will provide a TON of support and are pretty easy to learn as far as gear goes. The ace briefs are a bit much, don't know much about the inzers.

  4. Thanks for the great advice guys! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with the metal pro's.

  5. how about the Inzer power pant? good choice if you dont want all geared up, but just hoping for a bit of support?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by urbanski View Post
    how about the Inzer power pant? good choice if you dont want all geared up, but just hoping for a bit of support?
    The power pants are OK for a very small amount of support. If someone is eventually wanting to go equipped they're better off jumping right into something a little better (Metal Pro briefs for multi-ply or titan single ply briefs for single ply). The problem with power pants (in my opinion) is that they provide enough support to become a bit of a "crutch" for the raw lifter, but not enough support to be worthwhile for the equipped lifter. If you don't plan on competing and just want a small amount of support, the power pants (not groove briefs) can work fine.

  7. Between those choices i would go with the Metal breifs. I would suggest maybe starting out with a single ply brief so you can learn to use gear. Multiply can be intense. I have some briefs and I actually prefer to play around in an old single ply suit with the straps down.

  8. Go ahead and get the Preds or Ace briefs. You will be sorry if you dont. "learning" them is not difficult. ACE is hard to size correctly due to small leg openings. Also, the legs are longer so sizing is even more important as this extra leg material will try and pull your knees in if you are a wide stance squatter. We cut the bottom seam off. Preds have less leg material thus easier to stay wide. Just my .02


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