Powerlifters/powerlifting gym in louisville KY?

  1. Powerlifters/powerlifting gym in louisville KY?

    DJ here, been training on my own since March. Go to urban active(commercial gym) to train. Wondering if there are any powerlifters on here in Louisville as well, or if there are any powerlifting gyms that I may not have found. I didn't see any from powerliftingwatch.com so I figured I would see if I could find more out here.


  2. ask on elitefts.com

    nearly everyone asks this type of ? and finds one.

  3. Hey DJ, I'm from southeastern Ky and go to college at EKU. I lift at a gym that's owned by a friend's step-father with a few friends here in the summer and train primarily at EKU's fitness center during the fall and spring.

    Good to hear from another KY lifter.
    God bless!

  4. Tried elitefts.com, thanks for the tip about trying there. DDH, yeah doesn't seem to be many powerlifters from what i can tell. At least not here in louisvillle, or it could be I just don't know them lol. Sounds like you got a good deal going there, keep it up.

  5. if your still lookin there is a gym south of lexington..i know its a bit of drive but its a hardcore place...search for guerilla squad barbell on youtube...or try powerliftingwatch.com...



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