Sluggish Lifting/Feeling Weak

  1. Sluggish Lifting/Feeling Weak

    I'm 17 days out from my next powerlifitng/bench press meet. I did my last heavy bench press workout today and have my opener next Monday giving me 12 days rest to recover before the meet. Todays workout was friggin horrible. Felt weak working raw until i put my shirt on and after I put my shirt on. Last week I worked up to 405 raw with still more in the tank before putting my shirt on. Then I did a triple with 525 off a 2 boared and 540 for 2 singles off a 1 board fairly easy. Today I barely had enough juice in the tank to get 355 for double raw andhad to do 405 raw off a two board. Then with the shirt on I only got 515 for a double with two board and I got 545 for two horriblly weak feeling sluggish singles.

    Is this normal? I've read that your last few workouts should be a bit sluggish and hard and with enough rest you should be peaking at the right time. If your hitting your numbers eay a few weaks out you may be peaking too early.

    Does this sound right because as of right now my confidence is in the tank and I'm feeling like a weak *****.

  2. First, you're definitely not a weak bitch... but was there a change in your lifestyle the days before the workout to make you feel sluggish? Maybe extra rest will help and you will come back stronger than ever.
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  3. no real changes I can think off. Everything has been normal. Protien intake good. Sleep has been a bit sluggish as far as getting good sound solid sleep but other than that, nothing unusual. My last meet was very similar as far as my performance a few weeks out before the meet and I ended up putting up 600 the day of the meet. I'm not super worried but its this kinds crap that can put a damper on your confidence especially 2 weeks out from meet time.

  4. Sleep and a big fluctuation in my carb intake play a BIG role in how well I perform. That's just me, but if sleep has been spotty that could EASILY be the reason you're not where you should be. And I agree with bko guy here, you're DEFINITELY not a weak *****. Far from it brother, just get you some SLEEP!

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  5. Yeah, man.. you're definitely a pansy. My 8 year old could out-lift you...

    OK... all kidding aside. We all have those days. I've been running a Coan DL/Westside mix routine. I'm sore all the time and I've had a couple really crappy days in the past 8 or 9 weeks. I haven't deloaded at all so my body is pushed right on the edge of overtraining. Just fight through it. The day of your meet you'll be so jacked and ready to lift you won't know what to do with yourself. Eat right and sleep. Tomorrow will be better. No worries...
    -- JB \m/
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  6. Do you feel like your nervous system is hyperactive are you are extra reactive to stimuli? This could be overtraining turning into a nervous system stress/insufficiency. I would get testosterone checked and try a supplement called Moodmax if this problem gets worse faster to the point of real concern.

  7. Sounds to me like you are just wearing down after a heavy training cycle trying to get ready for a meet. You likely just need some rest before the meet. I would do only what is absolutely necessary between now and the meet and very little is absolutely necessary at this point. When I was lifting in equipment I would take my DL opener 4-5 weeks out, my SQ opener 3 weeks out, and my BP opener 2.5 weeks out. I tried taking my BP opener closer to the meet, but always did better by not putting the shirt on for the last 2.5 weeks. If you can easily touch and press your opener, you might even consider no more shirted BP until the meet. If you need to take your opener, do a minimum warm-up (like you would in a meet) and hit your opener then stop there and do very little the rest of the cycle (only very light assistance work and mobility/stretching). Of course it goes without saying you should be getting plenty of sleep and make sure you're eating enough.

  8. You're a head case. This is completely normal before a meet. Might be a bit overtrained, the deload pre-meet will clear that up. Keep hydrated and well fed and start thinking way more positive. Don't let a seed of doubt enter your mind! Trust your training. You didn't get weaker, you had an off day. Stay positive!!!

  9. Absolutely normal, after a long training cycle you are burned out. I get this way before every meet. Dont sweat it, after you de load you will come back feeling strong.It just messes with your head a little. You need that good rest before your meet so the CNS and muscular systems can heal up for the meet.


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