Need Help With Struggling Deadlift Routine...

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    How are you alive?

    I'm not quite sure
    It might be because my deadlift is fairly low with my max as 485. Plus I am only doing the base mesocycle. But trust me it takes me a while to get through the workouts. After this I am quite sure I will be a decent bit over 500 deadlift and I want it bad so no stopping me. And my knee is f*cked up so I can't squat.

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    I'm doing smolov with the deadlift atm but this might be my next deadlift plan. It might work wonders you never know.
    good link man, gonna save that when I get home
    Serious Nutrition Solutions


    Might also want to try the base mesocycle. But your deadlift may be to heavy for it.

  4. increase your squat

  5. Hey guys, thanks for all the incredible ideas! I really appreciate all the feedback. I will definitely be implementing these ideas into a new routine. Sorry that I haven't been back on here. I just worked 5 24s back to back so I stayed pretty busy. I will make sure to come back here to post some of my new experience with some of the techniques that you've suggested that I try. Hopefully this next time around, I'll be pulling what pmiller383 was killing! That was quite an impressive lift. I definitely need the work just pulling off the floor. So, I'll be adding in those plates and chains. Good stuff. You guys are all awesome!

  6. BTW, also loved the links for the Coan/Phillipi cycle and the smolov cycle as well. Good links guys! Also thanks SRS2000, CJPopovich and MongoSS for all that you shared. Really all excellent stuff!


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