New Inzer Lever Belt and Fat Gripz for Sale

  1. New Inzer Lever Belt and Fat Gripz for Sale

    I have new Inzer Forever 10mm Lever belt (size Large: 34"-38") that I have not worn and am not going to wear. Willing to sell it to anybody that makes a decent offer. It is white suede.

    I also have a set of Fat Gripz that I have only used a few times and will not be using again.

    PM me offers.

  2. inzer belt

    I am very interested in your belt. I would like to send you an offer via pm but the site will not let me. If you would please send me an email and let me know how much you want I would appreciate it. If the price works I will paypal the money to you today. Thanks


    well I guess I do not have enough posts to do pm or add email to the site so send me a pm or call.


  3. inzer belt

    Dude I am still interested in your belt. Let me know if it is still available.


  4. Sent you a PM, let me know if you can't respond to it.

  5. I still can not reply, not enough posts yet. I will take it, pm your info and I will send money via paypal today.


  6. Do you still have the fatgripz for sale


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