Novice Strongman contest in NC, Sept 25

  1. Exclamation Novice Strongman contest in NC, Sept 25

    This is the perfect strongman contest for beginners. The Strongest Man at the Y will be held Sept 25, 2010 at the Salisbury, NC YMCA. Events:

    -bus pull
    -Atlas stones (180lb, 235, 250)
    -tire flip (600lb tire)
    -farmer's walk (about 100lb per hand)
    -Fingal Fingers

    Weight classes:

    under 175
    251 & up

    Entry fee is $25. I've done this contest before, it's well run and a good time. All the events are light, so may not be much fun for you experienced guys, this is more of a intro to strongman event. For more info contact Kenny Seagle at (704) 636 0111 ext 223, email [email protected]

    Salisbury, NC YMCA
    828 Jake Alexander Blvd West
    Salisbury, NC 28144

  2. Thomas Bowman, maker of Tommy Tack strongman tacky will be there and he's supplying his tacky free for everyone to use on the stone event. He'll also have Tommy Tack tacky for sale, $9.95 for the 4oz jar, and $29.95 for the 16oz tub, by far the best deal anywhere on strongman tacky.

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    The bus pull and tire flip will each be for 60 feet. Farmer's walk is 50 feet.

  4. Aug 23, 2010 around 5pm I will be helping Kenny promote the contest at the University YMCA in Charlotte, NC. Implements will be there for ANYONE to come try out, this practice session is to increase interest among potential competitors. I'll bring some stone tacky so guys can have at the Atlas stones.

    University City Branch YMCA
    8100 Mallard Creek Road
    Charlotte, NC 28262-2238
    (704) 716-6700

  5. There will be 4 open practice days before the contest- Sept 15, 16, 21, & 23. All will be at the Salisbury Y and will be in the late afternoon.

  6. Anyone considering?

  7. The first open practice days will be Sept 15 & 16- Wen and Th- next week. Hope some of you can make it!


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