Help w/ Natural Stone Workout

  1. Help w/ Natural Stone Workout

    Thanks for reading my newbie post:
    After watching a few videos, I rounded up three 55 gal drums, a few stones, and made some farmer's walk implements. Now I'm looking for help in designing a workout.
    Current workout:

    Mon: Leg Press warmup plus 3-4 sets of 5
    OHP warmup plus 3-4 sets of 5
    Floor Press warmup plus 3-4 sets of 5
    Overhead DB tri ext 3x8
    5 sets of abs
    cable crossovers (as a stretch)
    cable wood chops

    Thur: Leg Press warmup plus 3-4 sets of 5
    Rack Pulls warmup plus 3-4 sets of 5
    BB rows warmup plus 3-4 sets of 5
    2 sets curls 5-8 reps
    3 sets wide pulldowns 8-10 reps
    5 sets of abs
    2 sets farmer's walk

    3rd day will be the stones.
    Today I did:
    3x5 squats with stones
    3 sets lifting 3 rocks onto the barrels
    1 set walking with stone lifted overhead
    3 sets shouldering 4 reps 2 to each side
    1 set Hussafel walk
    3 sets wind sprints

    Here's the squat/deadlift deal. I have two bulging disks. Decompression is keeping them in check. I can do rack pulls and leg presses but squats/deadlifts cause almost immediate sciatica. SO far the stone lifting isn't aggravating my lower back but I'm only doing 75-175 lb stones. Believe me, I've squatted over 500 before and deadlifted close to that. If I could do them I would. I try every few weeks and the sciatica sh#t starts every time.

    My question is the stone workout enough? Too much? Anything I can add?
    Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks for taking time to read it.

  2. It looks reasonable to me depending on how hard you are going on each exercise. You will probably just have to do this for a few weeks and see how you react. If you feel OK and are making some progress, then keep it up. If you feel run down and beat up you will have to modify some things. Personally I wouldn't recommend adding anything unless the workouts get ridiculously easy or at the very least add things very slowly over a long period of time. You are going to know better than anyone what your back will handle so I can't add much there.

  3. Thanks

    Thanks for the advice. Sorry it took a while to get back. I've done three stone workouts now. I need to get one heavier stone I think as my technique is getting better. I really want to see where I am in six months if I can stick with this.

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