powerlifting competition in 4 months

  1. powerlifting competition in 4 months

    I am going to be competing in a powerlifting cimpetition in 4 months and was wondering what routines to do? I was thinking the 5x5 routine, but i dont think 4 months straight of one routine woudl be beneficial...... wha twould u recommend, thanks guys!

  2. You can't even really tell how well a program works unless you stick with it for several months. If you are constantly jumping from program to program you never figure out what really works and likely won't make much progress. Any good program will have a way to reset when you stall so you can stick with it and make progress for a long period of time. A properly set up 5x5 program would work very well and would certainly last at least 4 months. You just have to follow the program correctly and not start right at your max. You also have to know when and how to reset if one of your lifts stall.

  3. go 5/3/1 matt rhodes variation that you way you get the 5/3/1 work and 2 out of 4 weeks u do heavy singles.

  4. It depends on your skill level really. I have my first competition in about a month, I just hit into intermediate territory, and I'm training exactly the same as I did before. Unless you're advanced or a high-level intermediate, just train the same way you have been.

  5. 5x5 isn't bad for a beginner and 4 months is a perfect length training cycle. I would look up some classical periodization programs to find good percentages to work with. towards the last few weeks you should probably work into triples and doubles, to peak out.



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