Monolift in Philly

  1. Monolift in Philly

    Hey if any of you powerlifters in the Philly, south Jersey or Delaware area have been waiting for a gym with a monolift Iron Sport Gym just installed one. This isn't spam I just wanted to put the word out because a lot of lifters in the area have been waiting for one.

  2. ^where is it located? I belong to a gym in the Philly area but looking for better

  3. Iron Sport Gym- Glenolden PA, just south of the airport just minutes from I-95. See our website for more details.

    $30 a month with no contract. Ya can't beat that for all the specialty strength training items we have there.

  4. Ah if it wasnt an hour away id definately look into it, ill check the site though

  5. nice man im from philly and im gona have to check this place out. sounds awsome!!!



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