need cirtuqie im new :o

  1. Wink need cirtuqie im new :o

    hey im about to start power lifting and im 5'8 15 a hardgainer and 127 lbs my plan is to eat about 4500 calories a day with about 200 grams of protein and 300 carbs and my routine is

    monday:cheat tris delts


    wensday:trap bicep abs


    firday:lats and all legs


    sunday:lower back abs forarms

    if any1 i can make better or improve plz say so

  2. ur doing bodybuilding split not powerlifting.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by brownstown89 View Post
    ur doing bodybuilding split not powerlifting.
    what foods should i eat for pwoer lfiting and what kind of excerises and days sorry i use to body build not use to this thank you if u can reply

  4. eat a normal diet high in protien you will need high carbs as well for powerlifting. Dont worry to much about fats. Dont over train.. you need something like this

    Monday- Squat
    Wednesday- Bench
    Friday- Deadlift.

  5. check out 5x5 or starting strength for now
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  6. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    check out 5x5 or starting strength for now
    Starting Strength plus a ton of food is probably the best way for a beginner to add size and strength.

  7. ^^^
    This. and when you get past that level you split it into the main lifts (i.e. bench, squat, deadlift, military press possibly) best of luck I love training for powerlifting and maxing out is the best gives the most amazing rush when you destroy a PR!

  8. you can also workout your whole body each time --start with deadlift then bench then rows then add your assistance exercises and isolation exercises --always the heavy compound exercises should be done first and any smaller muscles worked last.

    switch exercises around but keep it basic --warmup then add weight each set untill you cant make your target reps like 7 reps or less

    Pray! and read The BIBLE!


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