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  1. New to PL

    I've trained for strength for a Long time, though never actually trained specifically for power lifting, more-so just athleticism. I'm just coming back to lifting after some debilitating year long injuries to me back chest and shoulder... Been back for about 4months, my shoulder and chest recovered a little faster than my back, so I've been benching twice a wk the past 4 months and got my bench up to double my bodyweight. Just started squatting again, today is my 3rd workout, going for 4 sets of 10 w/ 405, may give a 5th set of 455 a try if I'm feeling up to it. I wanted to come back and kinda ease into it, thus why I am using higher reps...not keen on reinjuring myself. Curious to know of any good PL or OLY routines (as I love to power clean and military press as well).
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  2. 5/3/1, Starting strength would be good to get back into lifting from an injury.

  3. look into german volume trainning GVT

  4. Given your experience and the numbers you are quoting, 5/3/1 would be perfect for you. Just keep in mind that the program is meant for slow steady gains over a long period of time. If you have been training for any length of time you know that slow steady gains are the best you can hope for as a more advanced trainee. If you decide to go with 5/3/1 I would recommend you buy the e-book from elitefts. It is well worth the $20.
    I wouldn't recommend german volume training at all in your case. Doing a ton of sets and reps with a very low % of your 1RM isn't the best way to train for powerlifting.
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