Mid week meet... Help!!!

  1. Mid week meet... Help!!!

    Okay first of all I'm not a hard core power lifter, I'm more into body building, but squats, bench press, and dead lifts are the core of my workouts. So here's the deal, my college rec center is having a little powerlifting meet on wednesday and I'm thinking I might try it out. My only question is how would I work it into my normal weekly split?

    Mon: Chest
    Tues: Legs
    Wed: Shoulder & Traps
    Thur: Bi's & Tri's
    Fri: Back

    So as you can see, if I do my normal split my legs and chest will already be fatigued by wednesday. What should I do?

  2. you have to plan for meets way in advance. my advice would be just dont lift till wednesday and test it out see how you do.

  3. If you're simply doing it for fun and aren't worried about peaking, then simply train as normal the week before. Then don't do any training the week of the meet. Lift in the meet on Wed and take the rest of the week off. Then resume normal training the following Monday. That way the meet just serves as your "training" for the week. You won't lose anything doing this and may even help your training by giving you a week of lower volume.

  4. Yeah this is something just for fun. Like I said this is being put on by the Student Rec Center at my college. I'm looking at a total lift of about 1000 pounds give or take. I normally rep 425 dead lift, 275 bench(yeah I know its weak), and 385 squat so I think I can hit that number.

  5. i would take off monday and tuesday, considering it is chest, then legs. those are important in a powerlifting meet. but if you have to workout mon and tues, do a light workout



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