Ok a BS crew member was in Dallas texas training MMA with an X UFC fighter and was out late one night driving his Motorcycle and it started raining and he wasnt use to the area and ened up wrecking his bike and being thrown pretty far.The cops found his bike but NOT him.Yeah WOW! Construction workers found him the next day and he almost died. He did lose part of his leg.Sucks so much but hes still in good spirits.
The Crew is putting on a Fundraiser for him and 50% of the money is going to him and the other half is going to buy some PL equipment.If u would like to enter this meet pm me and let me know.If u know of any supplement companies that would donate shirts or supplements please let me know.I can send u entry forms or u can sign up when u get here.We even got a radio station involved and they will be there for 2hours to help out on the air.We are getting alot of sponsors from the area.
The meet will be held in GREAT BEND KS June 5th at CLUB 1 Fitness formerly known as Town & Raquet Club.Weight ins are at 8am till the start of the meet at 10:30am.If u want to sponsor this meet we can put your name of buisness on the air and on the shirts we are having printed up.Thanks PL bros. I havent been on here much lately cause ive been going through alot of personal things.Hope to be on here a little more.I will be posting this on other sites also.Thanks again.

U can email me at [email protected]