homeade thick bar?

  1. homeade thick bar?

    unfortunately i work out at a 24 and we have no cool equipment and 200 cybex machines. Id really like to try and start using thick bars but dont want to buy and bring my own bars to the gym haha. Anyone have any idea for making something that could be attached to a dumbell or barbell where your hands go to make it into a thick bar? Something that i could throw into my gym bag and bring with me? pvc peices with a hinge somehow?


  2. Thanks man you just saved me a ****load oftimes building my own

  3. give some feedback on how they turn out, I've been itching to get a pair myself

  4. will do. I just got done looking at some reviews of them over at t-muscle.com forum and everyone seems to love them. they have a competitor in tyler grips but ive gathered from the posts that the fat gripz are solid and dont slip so can be used for heavy lifts while the competitors arent as solid material wise and shift. Ill let ya know how they turn out.

  5. i bougt them there amazing. not that it matters but my dumbell curls went up alot and it kinda teaches me not to use my grip alot when im curling and hits my biceps pretty hard. They also were a valueable tool in my deadlift cycle

  6. Good to hear. im stoked and cant wait for them to get here. What else do you use them on?

  7. Other alternative: Length of pipe over bar, secured by wrapping layers of duct tape around bar. Hell, get a couple of truck wheels and make a ghetto Apollon's Axle while your at it!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by aztec02 View Post
    Good to hear. im stoked and cant wait for them to get here. What else do you use them on?
    elitefts will have a database on all fatbar lifts.. i think its wendler who has wrote it.. but for me ive personally used it on..
    DB Curls
    Rack deadlifts- i pulled 485 from the shin high pin and i did 185 x 5 double over hand with the fat gripz.. thats how hard they are, ur grip will never be a problem..
    Tricep pulldowns any handle v bar straight bar can use them...
    high cable curls
    single cable curls

    I want to try them on shoulder press and i will be using them as asstance lift starting monday... and let u know how the results were


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