Log Press for Strongman

  1. Log Press for Strongman

    I was in the gym Tuesday doing shoulders and decided to do log presses just for something different. i've never done them so I have no idea what a good lift would be. My last lift over head was 260 pounds for a single. I mainly powerlift, but I can see some crossover benefit for doing some strong man training in 2-3 week intervals occassionally that possibly will help my overal strength and power and will hopefully improve my 3 lifts. I think with some practice i could put of a 300 pound log lift as i liked the movement and felt strong at it.

  2. I agree I am also a cross trainer in powerlifting and strongman. You can train a little strongman into your powerlifting program without too much problem. Just be careful not to go overboard. The CNS can only take so much. Using log lift as a compound assistance exercise is a good approach though.

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