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    I'm about middle of thre way through my training cycle for a meet coming up in mid April and I changed to a WS BB style of training using ME and DE days which was different from what used to do which was more of a periodization type training whicch progressed over time using percentages of my 1RM. I'm am training my whole body but in the meet I'm doing the bench only but I have to say that the change to WS has been very effective and yielded great results so far. I'm hitting PR's every week in the ME movements I'm choosing and my strenth continues to improve without getting stale. Through the whole cycle I i have rotated floor presses, 3 board press and now close grip bench presses as my ME bench movement spending two weeks with each movement. After that I end doing 3-4 sets of JM presses, 3-4 sets of some type of dumbell tricept exerices and then the remainder of the assistance stuff.

    I had a deload week last week and decided to use DB flat bench presses to change things up and give my shoulders a rest and was able to put up 150's for 8 on my last set. Never did that before. This week (this morning) my ME movement on the BP was close grip benchpresses (raw) and my last single went for 425 which is awesome for me. I'm doing one more raw week with the closegrips and I'll be introducing my shirt into my training. I'll post the remainder of my numbers as I move toward the meet if anyones interested.

  2. helll yea i lik the way you train... i like the JM presses after doing ME that way ur still getting more heavy tricep work in.. i do something similar to that good luck man ur a monster.

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