Pulled groin

  1. Pulled groin

    I started a russian squat program a couple weeks back and ended up pulling my groin so i took a week off. I came back in today and did my squats and everything was fine untill i got to my last set and was at the bottom and felt something pop in my groin. So looks like im going to be taking a month off from squating to make sure it fully heals this time. My ideas for legs now is do some heavy sled work and some leg ext and leg curl machines. Anyone else have any good leg workouts that dont involve squat.

  2. back in december i strained my groin and tore my left hip flexor, and what i did was: narrow stance box squats, pull throughs and/or belt squats, step ups, and yoga. all the lifting was kept light and in a 12-15 rep range. i still lost a good bit from my squat and deadlift, but actualy got my legs an inche bigger in the 6 weeks i was lifting light. but if you're already a narrow stance squater (i squat very wide) then leg press, goodmornings, and stiff leg deadlifts would be good to do. also, look into yoga, that helped me a lot with recovering.

  3. Ill look into the yoga. Never really considered yoga as part of recovery.

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