Lower Back Pump problems is it hip flexors?

  1. Lower Back Pump problems is it hip flexors?

    ok well to make a long story short i cycle my squats and deadlifts..im finishing up my coan routine for Deads and once im done ill start his squat routine and cycle of deadlifts.. however i still keep a leg day doing Hack Squats, Extentions, Curls, Lunghes (using the sled) and step ups.. this is mostly for just hytrophy dont wanna turn into a fat ass powerlifter lol...

    well my lower back gets pretty pumped up.. i did this workout today and i can feel my back feeling like i have squatted or deadlifted today? Also i have had my back feel that pump after deadlifting too..

    Could this be because my only lower back work consists of pullthroughs? because im sure its not my form.. or is it hip flexors ? what could it be. could i be hamstring and glute dominant? jus looking for help....

    for now im thinking foam rolling and stretching but id like to add to that .

  2. You won't turn into a fatass unless you eat like a fatass. Are you taking any supplements or PHs?

  3. foam rolling couldnt hurt... target got them for $5
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  4. no supplements a jolt b4 i workout. and protien shakes. otherwise i eat veggieburgers (not fast food) chicken fish etc.. the normal liftrers diet..

    its really weird ill try foam rolling and stretching even more but the only other thing i can think about is hip flexors or hamstring dominant

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