good squat shoes? help a brother out

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    For me personally, over the years I have found adidas classic sambas to work the best for me.
    i was going to say sambas, then again what do i know..i wear whatever shoes and i'm not really into the whole different shoe thing, if u need elevation in the heal, put ur heal on a dime plate and your good to go

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    ditto, ive pulled in the high 4's with new balance cross trainers...
    hell yea brother. I think you can use money better on food, training tools such as bands chains boards etc, a belt and chalk...

  3. Bare feet for meh.

  4. Chucks do me just fine.

  5. I use otomix lifting shoes, they look sick and are comfortable as hell and give you a really good stable platform to do the lift.

  6. Try Chuck SLIMS, it is a newer model. I think the sole is about half that of a normal chuck. A perfect all around gym shoe.

  7. I use chucks, I like them. $20-30 at Target I think they are


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