West Side BB Training Question

  1. West Side BB Training Question

    Historically I have used the progressive overload method/peiodization method of training. I'm looking to change to West Side's way of doing things or at least a very close hybrid. I've done pretty well using the old style getting up to a 570 bench at a bw of 220 and now after a 4 year hiatus i'm back to a 520 plus bench but I'm not recovering as fast and my shoulders are killing me the way I structure my workouts over ther week.

    I've read over tons of articles on WS and I get the jist of how they do they're training and why. I like it but unless I missed something, i'm trying to figure out when they get any shirt work done - pre contest. I'm looking to do a meet in April and I'm getting ready to start my training cycle and based on what I've read, I don't when to insert some shirt work so that I get used to the groove and get a good idea of what it's gonna take touch and determine my opener. I know the Metal Militia style of training calls for tons of shirt work every week but I'm not sure if that's what I want to go to.

    Thanks for any info for any of you who may know what they're doin

  2. dave had some really good articles on elitefts about shirt work and westside but this was like in october u should search there database... i use alot of ideas of that website but i dont do shirted so i didnt pay much attention to the article.

  3. Just do your shirt work on ME day of the Westside template. You will have to do alot of shirt work for a while to get proficient in the shirt again. Once you get comfortable in the shirt you won't have to wear it as much and can do more traditional ME workouts without the shirt.

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