getting stronger while getting cut

  1. Arrow getting stronger while getting cut

    I play college football. im on the training routine with exercises like powerclean, squat, and bench.
    weigh 250 .
    10 to 15 percent body fat. I want to have all the cuts while getting stronger. I drink bsn syntha 6 (3 times a day).
    I drink a gallon of water a day.
    workout 3 times a week
    run sprints 2 times a week.
    WHat can I add to my routine to keep my strength while being extremelly cut and maintain or gain weight as well?

  2. For one you can't cut and gain weight at the same time. Also when your cutting your not going add much strength. Also we have to see your diet and your training program first. Having been a football player and now a strongman competitor my advice to you is bulk in the winter. cut in the summer.

  3. ok well im 6'5 250 playing d end.

    monday/wednesday/ friday
    clean pulls5x5
    bench press 5x5
    alt db press shoulder press 3x8
    alt bent over row 3x10
    db bicep curl 3x8
    ab circuit 8x 30

    8x100 yd sprints
    6x 80 yd sprints
    4 x 40 yd sprints
    2x 100 yd sprints
    1 mile jog

  4. and my diet:
    no soda
    no candy
    no alcohol
    alot of meat
    alot of salad
    3 protein shakes a day
    22 grams each (1 scoop)
    1 gal of water a day

    I just kind of eat clean wherever i go. I hear about people planning out there meals but i never really did it because i might be at a restauraunt or someone's house. but if i have to ill gt on the egg whites and oatmeal every morning and start the meal journal but im 20 yrs old. just getting into the shredded part and the just big dude image sucks cause i put alot of work into the gym and want to see the results.

  5. sled sprints, prowler pushes, etc.

    bodyweight exercises for reps chins, dips, GHR, hyperextensions, hanging ab raises, etc. min of 100 reps.

    you will burn some cals.



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