Powerlifters question

  1. Powerlifters question

    Hi guys,
    I rarely come to this part of the forum but there was something I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I read this interview a while ago
    TMUSCLE.com | Steroids Forever

    The article"steroids forever" caught something in m eye. I noticed the exact same cursing and swaring that was used in the interview was the exact same type of words Dave Tate used in ALL of his interviews. I didn't want to jump to speculations so I was bored and had some time on my hands so I searched more.

    The "unknown juicer" said he was thrown into a powerlifting gym at 14 and had been trainng for a year or two. At that point, he started taking steriods in 1984. Dave tate is around 40 I believe or just turned 41? Even so, he could of forgotten the exact age he started taking stuff but he would of been right around that age at....you guesed it....1984

    It is all there, Dave Tate once mentioned in an interview being thrown in a hardcore gym to get ready for football at around 14.(in an older interview I believe)

    The dude mentioned going into bodybuilding in college for a while after only powerlifting, and then stuff started getting out of hand with drugs, and went back in powerlifting. In the end he tricks everyone by saying,"I once heard Dave Tate say steroids are an ace card." we know that was done on purpose

    So, I know this is old but my question is why would Dave make it so obvious that it is him. If I figured this out in 15 minutes ****, anyone could I aint the brightest guy. DBOL and TEST at like barely 15 years old wtf?????

    Anyways Im a big Tate fan so if this has been discovered a while ago my bad just let me know if Im right or not in my gay investigation. Was this guy Dave T?

  2. Yea, that's Dave Tate. He loves steroids and isn't ashamed of it. Same for Louie Simmons.

  3. Dude but 14 years old? lol
    I guess I REALLY missed out on this and am the only one in the weightlifting world who just dicovered this was Dave Tate the whole time? Correct? like 3 years late

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