Merits of really heavy static holds?

  1. Merits of really heavy static holds?

    I just had a meet, I'd been on a 4month 5/3/1 cycle, no complaints there. during that last week, I easily repped out w/305 and 325, using a 1RM of 360 for that cycle. the 1RM calculator put my reps at a 380+ 1RM.

    so at the meet, I hit a 358 for my 2nd attempt, not easy but doable, so i went for 368. I've never held that much before, and the first thing that crossed my mind as I got the hand-off was "****, this is heavy"; sadly, I didnt get it.....

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone incorporates really heavy static holds for the bench and squat. I remember seeing it in a Dr Squat PL program; on bench day part of the work out was loading the bar with 120% of the target 1RM and doing 4 reps with it (static hold, negatives, barely flex the elbows... anything). Same with the squat....

    I can see how it could help with load acclimatization, particularly for the kinda of load you dont train for, like that 3rd attempt.

    Any thoughts?

  2. My training does these. He calls them "Heavy Hands" for the benhc. He'll take a weight he knws he can't do raw and hold for a count of 5. He'll do that do that three times withthe weight going up three times. I personally don't do them and get my body used to training with heavier weight by doing board presses and lockouts in the power rack with a 3-5 second hold. But I can see the benefit in getting the CNS used to handling heavier weight for 3rd attempt lifts.

  3. i definately think there is some merit to this. I dont know about bench and squats though.

    It definately maxes out your CNS good, and would definately increase blood flow to the area.

    Possibly allowing new stregnth gains.

    I might think this type of training would have more merit in a bodybuilding regime though, think of fst-7.

    At end of workouts i like to employ these techniques, for instance ill put on a low weight on bench, bring it to the maximum pain point, the bottom, and you up and down an inch as long as i can.

  4. Yep, heavy hand outs for bench and walk outs for squats really do help. A 3 week heavy band box squat cycle would help too, but if you're sticking with 5/3/1 that won't work. I would still try to work one in here and there and just do it instead of your 3 week squat 5/3/1 cycle.

  5. I can see how these use to be an effective way to get use to heavier weights, but now I think there is so many better ways to accomplish the same task. For Bench you can always utilize boards to get use to the heavier weights and even rack lockouts if your into that sort of thing. In my opinion though probably the best way to get use to heavier weights in all the lifts is to utilize reverse bands in your training. Reverse bands seem to more or less trick your nervous system into firing at full tilt when you are doing them and that seems to carry over for a few weeks after. The reverse bands also allow you to stay tight and go through your ROM under the heavy weight which I personally think has done way more for my lifts then any static hold ever could.



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