Versa Grips

  1. Versa Grips

    I am thinking of getting these for my self and my brother for xmas.

    Has anyone used these and can comment on them?

    Do they support your wrist? How do they compare to wrist wraps


  2. I haven't used them, but did look them up to see what they were.
    Here's what I would say based on what I saw:
    They are probably an OK substitute for straps.
    They are likely not as good a substitute for a good pair of wrist wraps.

    If you and your brother are relatively new to lifting and aren't using huge poundages, they would probably be fine. If you need alot of support for pressing movements, I would go with a regular wrist wrap. You could use these as a starting point and get some better wraps down the road as you get stronger.

  3. I would consider my self an experienced lifter altho i am only now looking into re upping on my old outdated equipment. What would be a better iyo? I was looking at APT wrist and knee wraps. But then i have nothing for pulling movements

  4. I have the APT 36" convict wrist wraps and love them. They are pretty stiff, but I can adjust the tightness of the wraps to get the level of support I want. I like something a little less stiff for knee wraps (like the ZRV) if you want to go with the APT. I also have the APT straps and they are also great. They are practically indestructible and should last a long, long time, unlike some of the cheaper straps.

  5. As far as wrist support goes, they don't give you too much. They are more like straps and help with your grip. They also help if you get pain in your hands on bench or shoulder press. If you're looking for wrist support then go with some good wraps, the versa grips will definitely help save your grip on back day though.

  6. Ive been wanting a pair myself and just have not up the change to get them, but I did test them at the 09 Arnold and they were good and supported my wrist pretty well. Ive been using hooks for the last year and I hate them, there loose and the move arond to much for me so Ill probally get the versa in the near future lord willing.

  7. good to hear about the wrist supports. would they be good for benching and pushing exercises? I think they have free shipping bc of the holidays

  8. Quote Originally Posted by qwerty33 View Post
    good to hear about the wrist supports. would they be good for benching and pushing exercises? I think they have free shipping bc of the holidays
    what is wrist support for you? if it means compression, then yes they can "support" on bench/pushing, but they'd still be pretty bad at that, and cheap wrist wraps would do a better job at that. If you are looking for real wrist support get some real wrist wraps.


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