Attention Strong Powerlifters

Westside is looking for so pro level or near pro level

Example: 1810 total at 181 lbs; 2200 total at 242 lbs; 2400 at 308
lbs or close to these as an entry level at Westside.We will accept
small lifters with big lifts of 148 lbs and down.
For pro level lifters supplement sponsorship is available to some
degree, equipment, shirts, suits, etc. and for all time world
records we pay $750.00 for men.

Of course you must relocate to Columbus, OH and be 100% dedicated.
You must find your own job. Its important that you come visit for
a possible week to evaluate us and let us evaluate you. We expect
the best.

There are two trainings available. In the AM we have a
2400, 2500, 2-2600 and a 2700 totaler to train with. In the PM you
would train with a group consisting of Dave Hoff who has a 2615
total at 260 body weight and amongst others.

Don't be scared! You have nothing to lose nothing but your plateaus.
Give us a call at 614-801-2060

Westside Barbell

3884 Larchmere Dr, Grove City, OH 43123, USA