squats today...

  1. squats today...

    My workout went like this today

    Squats (warm up, 315x8, 405x6, 495x3)
    Out of the Bottom Squats (315x10, 405x6) *Pauses during each one.
    Standing Calf raises (315x15x3)
    Hack Squat partials
    Leg Curls

    This was a little awkward day. Was a little off but managed to pull a great one off.

    I also did some chest work after this!

  2. damn dude thats really good i can hit a coulpe reps at 315 like 2 to 3... this is going below parallel and pause at bottom. should is tart doing bottom squats? or can i make good gains just doing regular?

  3. Paused squats are great for building strength out of the hole for raw guys.

  4. Thats not bad man. Out of the bottom sqauts are vital for me! I think they help build out of the whole strength and a ton of explosion. You have to get use to them. Breaking the wieght off of the pins is the hardest part for me. If you are going to do them like that then make sure every time you go down you pause to allow your body to get the same "out of the bottom" work. I also work in half squats and walk outs. The more your body gets use to a heavier wieght the easier it will be to lift it later on.

    I would also work on my hamstrings if I were you, like DB straight leg deads. They were really well for hitting the ham directly because the wieght is right in front of you versus the barbell where the wieght is spread out. Then do some heavy calf workm calves are more important than most give them credit.


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