Gorilla Pit Soft Opening 11/2-11/8

  1. Gorilla Pit Soft Opening 11/2-11/8

    THIS WEEL ONLY Gorilla Pit is offering one year PIF memberships for only $250.00. Check out Ohio's premier strength athletics facility!
    7472 Tyler Blvd
    Mentor, OH. 44060

  2. As part of your membership with Gorilla Pit
    "We are proud to announce the following developments:
    Treating Athletes Throughout NE Ohio!
    We are proud to have been named the official sports rehabilitation provider to the:

    Force Indoor Sports

    Gorilla Pit Gym

    Lake Erie Monsters

    Strongsville Football League

    Our relationships with these organizations provide athletes with access to NovaCare’s Sports Injury Hotline: (216) 956-9312 "

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