2009 Lift For Hope Results and write up

  1. 2009 Lift For Hope Results and write up

    2009 Lift For Hope Results and write up

    you can see the same write up here with perty pictures
    The Phil Zone: 2009 Lift For Hope Results and write up

    It was a great day all around, the athletes did awesome, the bands played great music the kids had fun, we raised a nice chunk of change for big brothers big sisters despite a hard economy and unseasonable heat that the athletes and crowd put up with.

    First I would like to thanks the athlete for helping make this event happen by stepping up and competing.

    Next the fine sponsors without which such events could not take place. USP labs for consistently backing my events year after year. I cant say enough about them and the support they give the strength sports community and th with out all of you this could not have happened. Thank you for you support of NAHA, the APF, strength sports in general, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Az.

    I hope to se all of you and many more next year for an even better event/.

    Thank you,
    Phil Stevens

    Highlander Results
    Lifter Class / Body weight points place
    Kim Paradiso Wm / 146 35 2
    Shelle Anderson Wm / 140.8 25 3
    Kim Berbrier Wm / 40 1
    Paul Parrott mst/ 192.8 27
    Mark Kolc Lw / 196.2 36 1
    Ryan Seckman Lw / 194.8 34 2
    Kale Beck Lw / 197 31
    Troy Anderson Lw / 197.6 34 3
    Jason Gladden MW / 240.8 36 2
    Sam Cox Mw / 214 39 1
    Adam Cauthorn Mw / 224 33 3
    Jacob Sullivan Hw / 238 38 1
    Don Kravolets Hw / 278 36 2
    Robert Sutton Hw / 278 34 3

    APF Deadlift Results

    148lb = Kim Paradiso 1st place = 195lbs

    Nick ?? 1st Place = 415lbs

    Troy Paradiso 1st place = 455lbs

    Mark Kolc 1st place = 540lbs
    Steve Posztai 2nd Place = 315lbs

    198 Maters 65-69 Raw
    Andy Laird 1st place = 405lbs

    Sam Cox 1st place = 605lbs
    Zach Hildebrandt 2nd Place = 550lbs
    Ed ?? 3rd place = 505lbs

    Ben ?? 1st place = 610lbs
    Paul Holdnicki 2nd Place = 520lbs

    242lbs Masters 70-74 Raw
    Gene Lawrence 335lbs

    275 class Raw
    Phil Stevens 1st Place = 725lbs
    Louie Nasta 2nd Place = 485lbs

    308lbs teen 18-19
    Jerod Dongoske 1st place = 600lbs

    Mike Bowden 1st place = 575lbs

    Thanks again to evryone and alll the sponsors below that made this possible.

    USP Labs (Bodybuilding Supplements ‚Äď Sports Supplements by USPLabs Direct)
    Staley Training Systems (Staley Training Systems - Home)
    Genr8 (GENr8: The Only Source of Vitargo S2 | Fastest Muscle Fuel | University Proven)
    Intelametrix (IntelaMetrix Home)
    Brinkster (Windows and Linux Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Free Web Site Builder & Domain Name, Dedicated Servers, Radical Support - Web Space Hosting by Brinkster)
    Optimum Sports Performance (Optimum Sports Performance | Patrick Ward, MS CSCS LMT - Performance Coach and LIcensed Massage Therapist, Phoenix, AZ)
    Wichita Falls Athletic Club (Wichita Falls Athletic Club)
    Iron Mind (http://www.iron mind.com)
    Eric Cressey (EricCressey.com
    Precision Nutrition (| Precision Nutrition)
    Dave and Laree Draper (Bodybuilding, Weight Training, Nutrition and Diet Guidelines from Mr. Universe Dave Draper)
    Green Field Lakes Golf Course (http://www.greenfieldlakesgolfcourse.com)
    Mike T Nelson (Mike T Nelson Ramblings)
    Nick Nilsson (BetterU, Inc. - Personal Training, Health, Fitness, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Exercise and more!)
    Hylandís (Hyland's Homeopathy | Natural Homeopathic Remedies)
    Egg Whites International (Shareasale.com)
    APT Pro Gear ( APT Pro Gear - Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Powerlifting Strongman )
    Dr. Bronnerís* Magic Soaps (Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps All-One!)
    Kay jewelers (San Tan village)
    Weisfeld jewelers (san tan village)
    Joes BBQ
    Tees and more (Gilbert downtown)
    Cantina Laredo (san Tan Village)
    Jos A Bank (san Tan Village) *
    Macys (san Tan Village) *
    Dillards (san Tan Village) *
    Grimaldiís Pizza (san Tan Village) *
    Paradise Bakery (san Tan Village) * pick up 14th, 15th and 16th
    AZ Diamond Backs *
    Some Burros (san Tan Village) *
    LG Sciences

  2. Lift For Hope Write Ups,

    YouTube - Lift For Hope 2009


    My 725lb Raw Deadlift

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