Hi, i dont know if this is the right section to make a request, but im looking for this three articles since a long time ago.

The articles are:

McLaughlin, T.M. The biomechanical of powerlifting: Assistance exercise, developing the chest and lats. Powerlifting USA. 7(9):20-21. 1984

McLaughlin, T.M. Grip spacing and arm position. Powerlifting USA. 8(6):24 1989

McLaughlin, T.M. Bar Path and bench press. Powerlifting USA. 8(5):19-20, 1984

At this time im writing my tesis about bench press, and i need this 3 articles, especially the second. My library dont have this journal (Powerlifting USA), i look for it but is not in my country and is not in the internet.

If anyone have this artices and can send to me I'll be very grateful.

Thank you