straps or no straps after tearing hands

  1. straps or no straps after tearing hands

    Today I was deadlifting when at some point during my set I tore my hands open. Blood and everything. I feel that my back is strong enough to handle the weight and more, but my hands just couldn't do it. I really want to compete later on down the road. Should I use straps until my hands heal and maybe a little after to give them a break. I can't use chalk at my gym. Any tips suggestions??

  2. The straps are fine until your hands heal. With some chalk you could have avoided much of this in the first place. Do some searching for liquid chalk or a rosin bag to help with your grip in the future. Something not messy that you can sneak in.
    You might also consider finding a new place to train if at all possible. I can't imagine it's the best atmosphere to get stronger if you can't even use chalk. Also do some grip work once your hands are healed enough if you aren't already doing it.

  3. **** man, I forgot about liquid chalk thanks...I moved to an island retirement community for a job, so there is nothing as far as gyms. They are all part of private golf clubs and require some turd trainer to accompany you. Luckily the school down here has a small gym that has a bench so for know I can consentrate on deads and bench and rowing. Just hate to hurt my progress thus far by going to straps

  4. I usually do a 5 rep set with no strap and pull a Max Single with Straps Which id say add about 20 pounds.. and i know with chalk I pull 5-10 pounds less then i do with straps...

    Right Now DL of a platform i get 335 x 5 easy no straps, I got 390 x 1 with straps hwoever i know i coudla gotten it without. Ill work up to 405 with straps then munipulate my routine so i get 405 of the platform with no Straps start pulling of the ground using chalk and try to hit 455 strapless.

    Theres ways to do it with straps too.

  5. But if u do that you HAVE TO do grip work.

  6. Thanks man, unfortunatly I have no platform to work with...I might try using the extra weights as a platform....what kind of things are you using for grip work. Maybe I can add to what I am already doing?

  7. My gym doesn't allow chalk either, but I've been using it there for years. Just get a big zip lock baggie and keep it in there. Chalk up inside the baggie, inside your gym bag, that way it doesn't go all over the place. You don't need a ton of chalk on your hands to the point that its falling all over the floor for the chalk to work. Take an extra towel with you, wet it and wipe down the bar and plates when your done. Usually if you do this stuff they won't hassle you. It's the jakasses that chalk up and clap the chalk all over the place while screaming like gorillas that cause the problems.

    As far as grip work:
    Barbell holds (Load the bar heavy, pins just before lockout, pick it up and hold it for as long as you can)
    Pinch flips
    Plate holds (stack 3 or 4 10lb plates side by side and pick the up and hold them, add plates as you get stronger)
    High rep double overhand rack pulls (good for traps too)
    Farmers walks (HEAVY dumbells)
    Any fat bar work

    If you do some of that stuff without chalk, then use chalk on your deadlifts you'll notice a difference. Stay away from straps IMO, doesn't matter if your back is stronger than your grip if you can't hold on to the bar in competition.

  8. I usually use Dumbell Holds The heaviest ones and 3 sets holding them to failure. I also sometimes use the Shrug machine so that im just use to holding alot of weight in my hand. Also try to hit shrugs of 15-20 reps for whatever u deadlifted for 5. Even if u have to set the bar down and start up again.. Do the same with DUmbell Rows.. Ive also notice doing rope pull where u put the seat all the way back and pull it and force ur self back into the seat and do ur reps like that... It has made my grip stronger.

    If u can do all that id say u can even keep ur straps but have a plan where say week 3 u pull 445 with straps. and by week 8 u want to pull it without straps etc.. That way u always know roughly around wat u pull without straps

  9. Thanks man...thats solid...Hows your lifting going...still 5/3/1??

  10. Stick a band aid on it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by chuebner View Post
    Thanks man...thats solid...Hows your lifting going...still 5/3/1??
    you welcome and yea im still doin that for Squats. Im doing Singles FOR DL and Bench right now for a month maybe 2 months that back to 5/3/1 on those. I got strength from it i just need to get use to handling heavy weights close to my ORM constantly so im kinda ending this lifting cycle with singles then going back to 5/3/1 if that makes sense? lol

  12. Word of advice for the future, get yourself a pumice stone and sand down your calluses at least weekly. I haven't had a ripped up hand since I started doing that, and it literally takes 1 minute in the shower.

  13. where can i buy that from pmiller?

  14. Any drug store or grocery store will have them, they should be buy body soaps and other grooming things. The packaging on them is not the most manly though so consider yourself warned.

  15. Brownston so give me an example of how like your bench work is going then if you dont mind??

  16. Quote Originally Posted by chuebner View Post
    Brownston so give me an example of how like your bench work is going then if you dont mind??
    well i ran the 5/3/1 and i strated to platau with reps example i got up to using 265 as my max and i ran that cycle twice.

    170 x 5
    205 x 5
    225 x 4

    190 x 3
    215 x 3
    240 x 2

    those were my results both times the reps got easier but the reps didnt go up. This just told me i need to work with heavier weights to get my actual max up. so i do singles what u do is take ur 3 rep max. and do 5-8 sets of 1 rep and take 2-3 minute rest between sets.. once u hit all 8 sets of 1 you move up 5-10 pounds.

    now assistance work i do weighted dips and weighted pull ups. i know weighted dips are a great tricep movement that help with strength. Weighted pull ups? idk how much they help but everyone pimps them and Hepburn (the guys routine i use) has them listed so im giving it a shot.

    Now with this i can do 2 heavy bench days a week. but the other one i do is floor press which doesnt stress ur rotator cuffs and builds lockout strength.

    shoot me a pm if u want the workout

  17. do lunges with dumbells, with the biggest weight you can find. Dont worry about the lunge it self but you'll get a ton of grip work.

  18. poondawg how much different is that then just regular walk with the heavy dbs?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by brownstown89 View Post
    poondawg how much different is that then just regular walk with the heavy dbs?

    If you lunge you're getting your hands ready for the pull with the up down motion.

    if you're just walking all you're really doing is letting weight sit on your hands.

    A combo of the two would probably be best, lunge and walk forward.


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