ATP double ply knee sleeves

  1. ATP double ply knee sleeves

    Anyone with any experience of these?

    Just got the XXXl size and they took an hour and a half to get the two halfway up. I just gave up in the end, and i don't have the most massive legs in the world either.

    Thinking of returning them but was wondering if they loosen up at all and if there are easier ways to get them on apart from talc powder?

    On the subject of knee sleeves are there any better alternatives. I'm squatting upto 3 times a week now and i just need a little bit of support and something to help the aching joints and keep them warm during training. I have wraps but i save them for max efforts and i'll be competing raw in december so i don't rely on them to bring my true numbers up.

  2. I like TK sleeves. I tried Rehbands, but I don't think they hold a candle to the Tommy Konos. TKs are much thicker and have alot more support IMO. Never tried the double plies from Alan, but I was thinking of trying a pair for my elbows.

  3. You could probably use these for your elbows-i struggled to even get them over my forearm!

  4. Try some Blue Heat (from around your knees first. I wear single ply knee sleeves, which aren't as thick, but are still a pain in the ass to put on. Just try any liniment for that matter, they should slip right on and stay warm.

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