Gorilla Pit Opens 11/2/2009

  1. Gorilla Pit Opens 11/2/2009

    We will be located at 7472 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH. 44060
    The plan is to be open 24/7 but I am still pricing electric door/key cards

    We will be opening 11/2/2009 and are designed SOLEY to cater to
    Powerlifters and Strongmen and even Cross Fit
    We will have Four Power Cages, Four Flat Benches, Mono Lift (that all can
    use) Bumper Plates, Heavy Tires, Atlas Stones,
    Texas Power Bars, Apollon Axle, Log, Farmers Walk, Super Yoke, Cable
    Station, GHR, Chest Supported Row, Thomas Inch Dumbbell.
    Dumbbells from 10-120lbs

    Everything you need for both sports. Membership is 35 a month and we offer
    a Police/Fire/Military Discount
    Our email is [email protected] phone is 216-310-2283

  2. Sounds like a [email protected] sweet set-up. Wish something like that would open around me!!!

  3. I might consider upping the DB's to 150 though...

  4. Wow... I am considering a trek...
    Google Maps - 76.0 mi – about 1 hour 25 mins
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

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