5'7 and WSM Final- Possible?

  1. 5'7 and WSM Final- Possible?

    is it possible for someone 5'7 to win WSM?

  2. Huge disadvantage in fingal fingers and atlas stones, would definately have more disadvantages than advantages so I will say no unless they are excellent at some events and that year has very few height disadvantaged events. Having no star competitors that year would be a help.

    IMO unless the stars align nope. I dont like anyone's chances under 6 foot.

  3. anythings possible, but yea major disadvantage at certain events, thou I feel some are more leveragous to the shorter man.

  4. You'd have an advantage in the squat and deadlift events (less distance for the weight to travel) but as it's been stated, I think you'd be at a distinct disadvantage for fingal fingers and atlas stones, two of the staple events.

  5. Nope

  6. Lol at least I was semi-positive haha. Poor mini me is screwed....

  7. and what would be the minimum advisable weight to go in one of these?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by hvylifter View Post
    Lol at least I was semi-positive haha. Poor mini me is screwed....
    I know at 6'3 i will never become a major force in the powerlifting world unless i got up to 308 and probably took drugs. I want to stay at 250-255 and compete at 242, due to health reasons, and i just feel better their. At 5'7 you are not going to be able to be competitive at a few of the events, which is going to create problems. You need to be honest with yourself and others. I would think a much more attainable goal would be your lightweight pro card which is under 231.

  9. Depends on your height but at a guess, 6 foot 240 lbs lean as a minimum, just going from competitors weights, mariusz was like 6'1 285lbs.


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