index on the ring? ring on the ring? or pinky on the ring?

  1. Question index on the ring? ring on the ring? or pinky on the ring?

    most of the guys i lift with like to go with a wide grip using index on the ring b.c they say you can bench more that way due to decreasing the range of motion. I myself like to put my ring finger on the ring when benching for maximum lifts. Does it really matter??????

  2. Well that all depends. I also bench with my ring finger on the ring when doing ME work. The wider you go the more you are using chest and less tri's - the closer you go, vice versa. I have found that if I go wider than the ring on the ring, its harder to tuck my elbows to minimize shoulder rotation. I am of the opinion that the less shoulder rotation you have, the better for your shoulder it is (esp. w/ max effort pressing), thus the longer you can bench heavy without injury. That doesn't mean that you can't go wider, but I believe that you should generally be more careful with the weight and the movement if you go as wide as say the index on the ring. Also, I believe that the more you can incorporate your tri's in the press, the better.

  3. I also like ring finger on the ring for raw bench work. I feel it (not necessarily in a good way) in the shoulders and pec tendons if I go max width.
    When I put on a bench shirt, I do go max legal grip then.

  4. Ring Finger on the ring here too! It took me awhile to get used to it. At first it would hit my shoulders too much. I started benching with a shoulder-width grip again for a couple months. Good arch and wide grip when going heavier than normal.

  5. I guess it depends on how wide you are or how long your arms are. I place my hands on the bar where my elbows will be 90 when my tri's are parallel with the floor, in which I'm using either my pinky or ring.

  6. I was going max width for a while, but i am pretty tall and long armed. I moved my grip in one finger and may go in two, i am trying to gauge strength. My close grip was creeping up to my flat so i thought i may be stronger trying to incorporate more tris. We will see. It is hard when you are losing weight to try and gauge alot of this stuff.

  7. I tried some heavy pressing with index on the ring tonight, i do seem to get more drive through lats doing it this way, but if your techniques even off just a little and you get sloppy i can also feel shoulder rotator cuff injurys happening a little more easily

  8. I use my index on the ring. Just my strongest area. Wider or narrower than that and I lose poundage. It doesn't really feel all too wide either. Thats just me thou.


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