Triple Body Weight deadlift need some advice

  1. Triple Body Weight deadlift need some advice

    Hello There
    my name is Aviad / 25 yrs from Israel , working as personal trainer and fitness instructor.
    I'm preparing for my 1st powerlifting competition(6 months to go).
    last thursday i hit 210 kgs deadlift on 70 kgs bodyweight(unequipped & never used drugs).
    altough i'm happy with that , my form doesn't look very good.
    i think it's because my legs are weak and i should learn how to make them more involved in the deadlift.

    i would like to get your advice,

    thanks in advance and have a good day.


  2. first, take off your olympic shoes and get some chucks. Definately if you have week quads, strengthening htem will help you break the floor. But you are letting your ass shoot up in the air so you have to learn to keep it down, that may be partly week hips, partly bad form. I would do some box squats, some olympic squats, and just hammer all the accesory work. Your dead should go up from this as well, becuase you are pulling almost completely with your lower back.

    I am not 100% about the ass shooting up and the hips though, i beleive that is the cause. I had the same problem, for me it was more hammering technique.

  3. agree with you this time jcp2

    helping a guy at my gym today with this similar thing, right before you lift your form is perfect when you are setting up then for some reason right the instant you pull you release the tension of your lower back and raise your hips.

    pretend you are a lever, push down with your hips. just go a bit lighter and try it out. great lift tho i would drop the weight get the thrust in and i think you will be even stronger because of more hip and leg involvement over time

    great lift though

  4. ya, i think squats would definetly help ur deadlift. how much are u squatting compared to deadlifts?

  5. Here are some tips from Greg Panora on their new forum. I cut out the tips that don't apply here:

    Fill your belly with air just like on a squat right before you start down.

    Make sure your belt isnt riding up your back. It will kill your dead.

    Squeeze your ass from the start and immediately start pulling back.

    Bring your traps in as soon as possible. The sooner you initiate your traps the easier lockout will be.

    Pick your head up when you grap the bar and continue picking it up. It will make step 7 a lot easier.

    Wear deadlift slippers.

    Thrust your pelvis into the bar once the bar gets to your knees. Again it will help lockout. But keep squeezing your ass. This is hard to do so practice up!!

  6. I really like chucks for squatting as I have a fairly wide stance, point my toes more foward, and push out hard against the sides of them. Feel like they give a good solid base and wont role on me.

    I like wrestling shoes for deadlifts. Particularly the asic matflex as they seem to have a thinner sole and I feel like they just naturally push me on my heals when I stand up. I deadlift sumo style in a meet and wont something that will grip and not bunch up like slippers have done on me. I point my toes out more and push my feet foward to spread the floor so I don't have the problem of rolling like I do in the squat. Deadlift slippers or ballet shoes would be fine for a conventional deadlift.

    You can check out the profile of the wrestling shoe here.

  7. Hi there !
    First of all i would like to thank everybody for the sharing your knowledge& experience with me.

    JCP2 - What the main reason the heel of the adistar weightlifting shoes make it not the best option for deadlift ?
    i've tried for a couple of weeks(2 months ago) to use Nike Low blazer shoes - flat and hard sole - no heel, very thin sole.And i've found with them that my technique is looking much better (the flat sole didn't drive me forward) but it was much harder to "break the bar off the floor" and it make pull a bit less, so i'm not sure if it's because of the shoes or because the "new" technique.
    i will try to work with them again for a few weeks.
    or give me a name of shoes and i will order them, which is really the best for deadlift and it doesn't matter if its chuck (30$) or another brand in (200$).i can order them from the USA.
    thanks again for your help

    fritzer - i will try today to push down with my hips.
    should i do that right in the begining of the movement.
    i just don't get the idea how if i will push my hips down the bar will go up?

    tnubs - my squat is not good yet - its around 125kgs,bench is around 140kgs, and Dl is 210. all gym lifts.

    jason 2459 - thanks for the relevant tips from greg panora's forum.these are good key point.

    i'm checking the asic matflex they look a bit like the

    has anybody tried them?

    by the way i asked for advice from Dave Tate and Kenny Patterson and the advice they gave me was

    Dave tate : "pull your head up before you lift the bar off the floor. You are waiting too long to do this."

    Kenny Patterson : "A few things that I see. The first one is that you are down in the bottom setting up a little too long, and it also appears you might be breathing a little while your down there. If so that's not good, you need to keep all the air in your stomach to help you with your initial movement off the floor. You definitely aren't getting the pop off the floor you should, somewhat stiff legging the last 3/4 of the deadlift. If you can find some video's of Chuck Vogelpohl or Chuck Fought deadlifting conventional style watch them and watch his rythm as to how he pumps his legs and drops his hips down for the initial explosion off the floor"

    I was very very happy that they saw my video for my request and gave me some good & proffesional advice.These proffesional athletes are very kind and you too, guys.

    in the following week i will decide which shoes i would like to buy for my conventional deadlift.
    i will appriciate more help on that.
    and on the topic of improving/ changing technique what do u suggest that i should choose the weights and for how many times a week on which volume?

    thanks for your help.


  8. The crainsmusleworld deadlift shoes are pretty much wrestling shoes. I'd goto an atheletic store that carries wrestling shoes and try several on and see what feels the best for you. The Asic matflex felt the best to me.

  9. I think the only reason those guys didn't say anything about the shoe is because they didn't notice it. The flat shoes allows you to pull off your heels and stay behind the bar. It is not an olympic lift where you are over or in front of the bar.


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