What drugs to take for dramatic strength gains

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  1. legal? prime
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  2. I didn't read all the posts, so if I'm repeating this hopefully it sinks in better. Hands down the best "drug" to take for massive and dramatic strength gains is.....IRON.. Lots and lots of IRON.
    I'd say it's a drug; is it not addicting ? (yes) do you not get a euphoric rush from it ? (yes) Can it not ruin you life or marriage ? (yes, some wives just don't understand) Do you not have to have it every day ? (yes, I'm a mean ass man if I can't get to the gym and get my daily iron). One tip...it's better squatted or bench pressed than injested.
    Therefore...I say it's a drug. And the one most directly responsible for "dramatic" strength gains. Good luck

  3. dpfisher
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    I hear semen is made of protein. You should try drinking yours and report back. If you don't feel you have enough, ask in the men's bathroom at a truckstop, I'm sure you'll find someone willing to share.

    Quote Originally Posted by daveydoodle View Post
    I didn't read all the posts
    Pretty sure you didn't read ANY of the posts.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Richard Gears View Post
    tribulus used intra-anally can increase test by 12%

    Too much information.


  5. Yeah, I guess if I would have thoroughly read EVERY post from beginning to end, and maybe took notes, I might have come up with my own witty comeback like "drink your own semen". I'm sure that really helped the original poster.
    My response was logical; lift iron...grow stronger!

  6. chicken & steak

  7. What size needle do you use to inject them?


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