Got no chains or bands.... Is it a problem?

  1. Got no chains or bands.... Is it a problem?

    Im on WSB Template that i found on this site. I go to a gym and there are no chains/bands. Is this really a big problem? Should I buy bands online? Anything that I could use instead of chains/bands.

    * Ive been making great strength gains without them.

  2. Literally, straight from his website.

    Q: Mr. DeFranco, I am a high school shortstop and was wondering wat u think the best program for a baseball player is?? I know you guys are the best and i wanted to try your program but they dont have bands or chains at my schools gym so I was wondering wat workout you suggest I do instead of yours. Thank you coach my dream is to come to nj and train with you and your staff next summer!!

    PS – I hope brian cushing gets drafted by the texans my uncle has season tickets!!

    Bo from houston

    A: Bo,

    You seem like a great kid; I know you’re not trying to piss me off, but I gotta tell you that your question drives me nuts! You see, my biggest pet peeve is when athletes or coaches think that our program revolves around “bands and chains”! Nothing can be further from the truth!

    Do I think that bands and chains are a valuable tool that can be used to help accelerate gains or break through sticking points in the weightroom? “ABSOLUTELY”! But, do I think you need them to have a successful program? “Absolutely NOT”!


    Great tool, but not a necessity

    Considering you’re from Texas and you play baseball; I’m going to assume that you know who Mark DeRosa is. (Mark used to play for the Rangers before going to the Cubs. He is currently with the Indians and he’s off to another great start this season!)

    Two years ago, Mark hired me to design his entire off-season training program. The “catch” was that Mark couldn’t come to NJ and train at my facility. He needed me to design a program for him to do at a “regular” gym. The gym he trains at when he's home only has the bare essentials and nothing else. Well guess what? Mark told me that it was the best off-season of training that he ever had. After having the best season of his career, he hired me again this off-season before joining Team USA and now the Cleveland Indians. You will be happy to know that Mark has never strapped a band or chain on a barbell in his life.

    mark_derosa_and_derek_jeter_te am_usa

    Mark celebrates with Team USA teammate, Derek Jeter

    Although I don’t have the time to design you a complete program; I’m going to help you out by posting one of Mark DeRosa’s training weeks this off-season. For obvious reasons, I won’t post his entire off-season plan. But, Mark is cool with me sharing one sample week of his strength workouts. (The below sample shows his weight training workouts only. The specific warm-ups before each session, as well as his speed & conditioning workouts, are not shown.)

    Hopefully this helps prove to you that you can perform “our style” of training without bands, chains, or any other "specialized" equipment.

    MONDAY – Dynamic Lower Body

    1. DB squat jumps – 6 sets of 5 jumps, holding 15lb. DB’s
    2. BB Reverse lunges w/ knee lift, front foot elevated – 3x10
    3. DB swings (holding a DB in ea hand) – 4x15
    4. Ab bridging series, feet elevated on bench – 2 “rounds”

    TUESDAY – Max-Effort Upper

    1. Blackburns – 4 positions, 15 sec. ea position, 2 sets
    2. Close grip bench (index fingers on smooth) – Work up to 3RM

    3A. Lat Pulldowns – 3x12-15

    3B. Off-set, alternate med ball push-ups – 3x15 – 20

    4A. Iso-hold DB shrugs – 3x8

    4B. Incline, rear delt flyes (thumbs up) – 3x12

    5. Zottman curls – 3x10

    6. Hanging leg raises – 4x15

    THURSDAY – Max-Effort Lower

    1. Barbell Squat – 5x5, increasing weight
    2. BB lateral lunge – 3x12 ea leg
    3. Eccentric, “natural” glute-ham raises – 3x5

    4A. DB side bends – 3x15 ea side

    4B. Sprinter sit-ups – 3x20

    FRIDAY – Rep Upper

    1. BW inverted rows, feet on bench – 100 total reps (in least amount of time)

    2A. Incline, alternate DB bench (palms in) – 2x12 ea arm

    2B. Standing “J” pulldowns w/ rope – 2x12

    3A. Standing DB lateral raises – 3x12

    3B. Rope face pulls – 3x12

    4A. Alternate hammer curls – 3x8 ea arm

    4B. Rope triceps pushdown – 3x15

    5. Two-hand, 45lb. plate pinch gripping (Two plates, smooth sides out) – 3 x max time

    Joe D.

  3. nah you dont absolutely need them but there nice to have for training weak areas in your big 3. i also like the bands for training triceps and there good if you wanna go on vacation for a week and still want somekind of a workout.

  4. Westside had plenty of really big, strong guys before they had any bands or chains. They certainly aren't a necessity.

  5. im just starting to use chains and i know for a fact there harder my ORM max with chains is 20 less than my actual flat max right now.. hope after 2 more weeks my flat bench goes up.



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