Powerlifting routine Calculators

  1. Powerlifting routine Calculators


    Found this great site that has various calculators for powerlifting routines.
    They have calc's for Sheiko, Smolov, 5x5, pre-contest peaking cycle, many Russian powerlifting routines and more.

    You just punch your 1RM into the spreadsheet and it will throw out all the numbers for you!

    Powerlifting Heads-Up Powerlifting Programs
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  2. nicebro never thought of posting this i been using this site a while.. i used one of the deadlift routines wheni switched my grip to sumo for a month, used the coan bench caclculator..max went up everytime. all those routines work. and it gives u estimated ORM thats a powerlifting max not bb one..

    ex 225 x 3 =240 bb style this one gives u a PLmax.

  3. really good find here, thanks
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  4. Good find
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  5. I've been using that page for a couple years or more. The Ed Coan Peaking Cycle always kicks my ass around week 10 : (

  6. i think it gets a bit too much at week 11... i plug in a 245 max so that way the last week i should hit 273.. i can hit 245 x 2 then my next week is 255 x 2 i cant do that..

    i think lowering week 10 and 11 by 5-10 pounds u will still hit ur desired max at least thats my experience.

  7. Nice link - rep to u!


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