Kettle bell reccomendations

  1. Question Kettle bell reccomendations

    Im trying to find some good quality kettle bells. If anyone knows some good brands or supply websites it would be greatly appreciated


  2. kettlebellconcepts has a store brand that are the cheapest i have found. if you live in and around Jersey you can pick them up as well at their wharehouse in Hillside.

  3. I got mine at a dicks sporting goods. Its rubberized and pavel makes jokes about this but for the price I dont mind so much. I think it was 65 bucks for the 35lb.

    Gotta get enter the kettle bell from dragons door publications to accompany your RKB. Pavel knows his **** and its a good dvd.

  4. Check out this link. It has a ton of resources, buying info etc for kettlebells.
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