My cousin benching 225 x 50

  1. My cousin benching 225 x 50

    Thought I'd do some bragging...

    [ame=""]YouTube - 225 bench press 50 reps Ian Hoskins Buff[/ame]

    Ian Hoskins, played football for Marshall University. He's a few months older than I am. He's a beast for sure but he's also one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. A real quality guy!

  2. Pretty damn good! Was that for Marshall's pro day or getting ready for combine?

  3. Uh...that would be a combine record if he gets there, I see that was a pro day and he didnt but thats something else. Whats with guys at small crappy (no offense) schools doing freak ****? Like the San Jose State player jumping out of the pool.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jarron Gilbert jumps out of pool[/ame]

  4. 50 reps of 225 that is insane....

    as for the pull guy, that is mostly a mtter of physics + explosive movement. try it sometime, you might be suprised.

  5. 50 is great

  6. damn that was insane

  7. Sh*t hes a beast...

  8. what's his max?

  9. He did my max 50 times. That is depressing. LOL

  10. what was def. legit 225 x 50 puts alot of nfl guys to shame

  11. NICE!!



  12. thats a hell of a lift. Well done for sure

  13. Thats insane from what ive read/heard the record at the combine is like 47 or something some say 47 some say 43 some 45 but either way he would break it amazing.....

  14. That gave me chills,.. awesome stuff!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  15. big unit!!!!!!
    bloody impressive lift

  16. they don't look nearly like full ROM

    impressive still though for sure

  17. Nice!
    It's hard to concentrate when I can hear your thoughts.

  18. Ive worked out in that gym over at the CAM. This is my hometown were he did this.

  19. Damn thats impressive! The new DT for the Packers Raji can do 225 x 34 or something like that. So thats crazzzzy

  20. Wow nice!!!
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  21. so when u posted this on youtube how many 13 year olds said they weighed 120 and could bench this 19237 times?

  22. For a comparison on how impressive this is, here is Onn Basson benching the same weight for 72 reps. I would guess that Onn weighs somewhere in the mid 300s.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Onn Basson benches 225 lbs for 72 reps[/ame]

  23. Wow that is great. His story is pretty cool as wonder you always have some great training advice it is in your blood Let us know what team he tries out for.
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  24. Yeah, he's been athletic his entire life. That's what he lives for. Growing up he played baseball, basketball and football and excelled in each sport. Plus his dad was the same way growing up. He's definitely quality at what he does.

    It'd be awesome if he got picked up by an NFL team. He's had two previous knee injuries though, so that may affect the pro thing, I don't know how it works. He's 276lbs, can run the 40 in 4.70 and I'm assuming could bulldoze through just about anyone. I thought I was quick, but damn, he's almost 100lbs more than me. lol

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ian Hoskins 4.70 40 at 276 lbs.[/ame]

  25. I can only do 225 once . Maybe someday I can get 1/5 of that.

  26. That guy is built like a thumb, if i only had to move the bar 3 inches to get a full rep i could do a lot also.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by Lou22 View Post
    what was def. legit 225 x 50 puts alot of nfl guys to shame
    not the guys who play the same postions, all the guys who weight close to him or play the same postions have similar stats, still good non the less

  28. Quote Originally Posted by Screwtape View Post
    For a comparison on how impressive this is, here is Onn Basson benching the same weight for 72 reps. I would guess that Onn weighs somewhere in the mid 300s.
    Im not sayn this 72 was'nt impressive but damn dude only benched it 4 inchs off chest and that was after bouncing it every time. Other dude alot better

  29. Professional critics in here... You guys should go show Onn the correct way to bench press

  30. if u want to see bonce ill show u my football lifts from last year lol


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