Muay Thai and powerlifting

  1. Muay Thai and powerlifting

    Hello. So guys i recently decided to emphasize my training on powerlifting and building some serious strength. Also for some time i was thinking on signing up for some muay thay( 3 times per week).do you think that would help in my progress, slow it down or else..

  2. I don't know much about Muay Thay or fighting, but i do have some friends who do it or have done it. A few of them are/where powerlifters or benchers. They said you can not do both at the same time, now powerlifting is a sport so i am not sure if you mean powerlifting or strength training. If you are trying to get stronger, i don't see why you can't do basic movements for strength and train for something else at the same time.

  3. I agree with JCP. I think if you are looking into powerlifting as a sport, it will be difficult to do both, as MT does work in as a heavy cardio ensduced exercise regimen.

  4. you can do both, ive done em before. i didnt compete in MT but i did in the wpo. just make sure your eating enough and getting enough sleep.

  5. I think that it would be pretty difficult to progress greatly in both. The two sports require different types of training. Muay Thai does certainly have a strength aspect, but there is a lot more to it. To truly achieve solid powerlifting goals also, you might not get the amount of rest and recovery while doing it with Muay Thai.

  6. there's a freaking huge guy in my muy tai class. Everyone is scared to spar with him. Someone asked me and I was like fk that. He's an inch taller and at least 50 pounds of muscle bigger. Lol

  7. As said by a couple people if your trying to compete in one or the other it may be difficult. I did straight Muay Thai for a couple years before going to MMA. Ive always cycled my weight training switching about every 6 mo. Powerlifting, Hi rep with short rest, traditional bodybuilding. I think it could help with fighting if your looking for extra strengt if you use a powerlifting style but if you want to progress as much as possible with your powerlifting I would leave the Muay Thai out

  8. Thnx i think about it more carefully. I want to concentrate more on powerlifting now than bodybuilding, and i also thought that having endurance and flexibility from training muay thai( or any martial arts) would be nice too. But i don't want to overdo it. I am the type of person who tends to push myself too far sometimes.

  9. You could probably do some sort of grappling without it interfering with your powerlifting gains.

  10. then how does phillip daniels redskins compete in powerlifting meets! bill romanowski squated 630 and benched in the mid 400s.. bob the beast sapp used powerlifting as part of his regimin.. dude just eat for ever while ur doing powerlifting and doing MT.. like fast food etc.. just throw down alot of calories..


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