new to strongman....

  1. new to strongman....

    I'm new to strongman competitions and was just reading some rules the other day...does anyone know what kind of tacky to use for certain events that allow it? Any tips or pointers? Maybe some workout routines?

  2. I would look on the North American Strongman (NAS) website. I believe you can find the name and contact info of your state chair. You could contact the state chair and find out if their are any gyms/training groups nearby. They could also probably answer any questions about the tacky.
    Most strongman competitors I know train one of two ways. One is to do strength work in the gym during the week, then doing an events day on the weekend. The other way is to do a main lift in the gym and then do events as assistance work. Again if you can find someone at least somewhat close to you, you may be able to go and train at least once a week to work on events.

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