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  1. wrap reccomendations

    Hey guys,

    I have been looking into wraps. My joints are really weak and im also very long so they take a beating. They give out before my muscles get tired. Ive used a friends wraps and what a difference!

    So i want to know what wraps I should be looking at because it seems like there are so mnay choices. Im not lifting hundreds and hundreds of pounds, but i figured more people use wraps in the power lifting sections. Im looking for knee and wrist wraps.

    Can someone make some recommendations for me? IO would appreciate it.

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  2. I will give you a review of the different APT wraps I have used:
    Convicts 36' - Super stiff wrap that can cast your wrist up really nice. I usually use these wrapped light around my wrist without trying to cast them and they work great for max attempts. Great for heavy lifting but probably only need 24' for strong support
    Blood Stripe - Light wrap that can also be pretty stiff if wrapped really tight. These will give you good support but wont keep your wrist completely locked in place. These are really comfortable and will probably be more than enough support for your average gym goer.
    Blood Stripe - comfortable and not gangster stiff. These are really nice for squatting but don't give rebound like some other wraps. I have also used these to wrap my ankles before and they gave great support.
    Strangulators - Really stiff and hard to break in. You will need a partner to get these wrapped to their full potential. I personally think they are a little much but others love them.
    Convict Sleeves- These are awesome for everyday use, they allow you to easily slip them on and give a good amount of support. If you just looking for joint health these would be my recommendation.
    Black Mamba's - Very close to strangulators.
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  3. the inzer is what my friend uses...i have to agree they were plenty enough for me. Like i said im not going to be power lifting.

    Im going to see if i can find some more reviews. Thanks for the help guys!!!

  4. The APT convicts are ridiculously strong. I love them and use them. The inzer wraps are great and I've used them many times too. Either is fine. I recommend the APT's because they are so much cheaper. Get the shorter length if you are a casual lifter just looking for a little extra support.

  5. all wrist wraps are pretty much the same throughout the different companies as far as im concerned, you get what you pay for and every company has their high end ****. i myself dont use wrist wraps cause my hands and wrists are incredibaly strong. the knee wraps i use are neoprene to maintain warmth for better circulation and give me added support but not enough to where its hurting the back of my legs when i squat.

  6. I am very new to the use of wraps, so I have a question or two also. My wrists have been giving me some problems recently, and it actually hurts to let go of the bar after a heavier bench. I'm pretty new to benching in general actually. I've had shoulder problems for a long time now, and just figured out how to set up my shoulders properly in the last year. I assume my wrists are flexing too much now on heavier sets. I tried using some older gloves I had with "wrist" support that made no difference. So I guess my question is, if the pain is from tendonitis will legit wraps lessen pain? And are the thumbs loops a good path?

  7. Ohh, and my "heavier bench" is nothing impressive if that makes a difference. I have actually switched to 10 rep sets a few months ago, with an occasional "max" in there. I did 300x3 a couple weeks ago, for my first time at 300.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    Damn straight you cant go wrong with inzer wraps., i have wrist and knee competition inzer wraps, i LOVE them.

  9. for wristwraps I love my APT BlueMambas (12"), they offer more support than 18" Inzers (and if it makes a difference to anyone, APT has left/right pairs, allowing you to wrap wrists identically, unlike inzers). for knee wraps, APT Convicts (30").

  10. I have black mamba's now, and love them
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