Deads started crappy - ended with PR

  1. Deads started crappy - ended with PR

    Ugh, wasn't feeling it this morning for deads. My last two sets I usually end at 585 x 2 and then 635 x 1. This morning I barely got 585 x I only bumped a bit and got 605 x 1 with a hitch. Was pissed I broke form, so I dropped down to 405 and knocked out 10 solid, perfect form reps. Never got that many at 405 before. So in the end, I was able to walk out with a smile :-)

  2. haha, nice. this has happened to me a few times. going heavier sometimes makes lighter weight feel easy. but 605 is pretty awesome. i can get like 9 reps at 405, but my max is only 500

  3. That is a sick dead for someone your size, do you compete.

  4. nice getting to 605. I can only do 225 right now.

  5. Extremely impressive. Congrats!

  6. Man, lifting can be so psychological. Sometimes it just takes getting pissed off over a mistake to set a PR. Good Job!

  7. congrats on some nice pulls!

  8. i can only do 315x 6

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jcp2 View Post
    That is a sick dead for someone your size, do you compete.
    Never for dead lift. I did a bunch of years ago for bench. Last year I did a North American Strongman Competition (NASA) event in Omaha. I did pretty well. Going to try a couple more this summer.

    My goal is to pull 700 and keep my weight under 200 lbs.

  10. that is a hell of a pull regardless of weight. nice work
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