what age did everyone start lifting?

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  1. at like 19 been lifting serious (diet included once i moved off campus) i'm 20 now
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  2. I started out lifting in HS at age 15....competed in powerlifting throughout my 20's...I'm 52 today and still going strong

  3. i started lifting when i decided to stop being fat.....so about eight years now.
    Started at about 250 got down to a scrawny 156 and now hover around 174-177 most of the year and am working on getting freaky strong for my weight.

  4. Started lifting in 1992 at age 17 at ~185#. Lifted "recreationally", but consistently until fall of 2004 at ~215#. Started competitive powerlifting then. Now almost 5 years and several competitions later I'm 285-290#.

  5. I played around with it from age 19-30, took it a little more serious from 30-33, the last 6 months, I've been consistent with it.

  6. Started when I was 15 at the begining of freshman year. Started benching 89 pounds at was at 175 by the end of the year. Just started getting serious with diet, supps, ect the last 8 months or so. I was involved with boxing and then MMA for many years but due to a couple of major injuries I dont think Ill be able to fight anymore. Ive switched my attention to weights now

  7. I started hitting the gym regularly 6 years ago at 31.

  8. I started hitting the weights seriously about 8 months ago. 27 and FFFFFAAAAATTTT, I was 250 lbs at 5'10". Let's just say I was stretching 38 pants.

    Anyway, I'm down to 180 and about 18% BF, that is more than enough motivation to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

  9. Lemme preface by saying I was never active, I hated sports of all kinds and somehow managed not to fail PE in high school. That being said, I started lifting 9 months ago when I was 41.

  10. I started messing around with weights when I was 14.

    Started seriously weightlifting hard at about age 17.

  11. Almost 3 years, so I started after I had just turned 18. Almost 21 now.

  12. Started as a freshman in Highschool in 1990. Football coach started me out and was my mentor.

  13. 15 when my friends dad bought him a benchpress and dumbells and an ez bar, first gym membership at 16, continued till about 19 where i started getting serious about diet, not drinking, and actually putting forethought into my routines.
  14. keeper
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    Started in Feb of this year, at the age of 46. I've always been into sports and fitness, but weights are now obsessive passion for me. I'm still learning, but finding the payback is so motivating.

  15. I started at age 13, 1983 for intermediate school football, ... and the rest is history

  16. 18 when i hit the marines, i caught the bug and the addiction took. Had some slipups here and there... no excuses.


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