Inzer belt question

  1. Inzer belt question

    Hey everyone, just a quick question. I have recently decided to get back into my "powerlifting" background, and have seen some solid success recently. I just did 585lbs for 3 reps on rack pulls (shin level). However, I used whatever belt I had, which was one of those p.o.s.'s for $10 from sports authority. Needless to say, my back is suffering today

    My question is, would the forever belt do a solid job based on my needs?

    Thanks for the help guys

  2. I use a 13mm lever. I have a friend who pulled 775 and he tells me the support on the 10mm is the same. So I would think the 10mm lever would be good. This belt will last you your lifetime. If you don't like lever's get the single prong.

  3. 10mm will be more than enough support for a deadlift, as long as your form is set. The 13mm are nice for squatting but I dont think you will notice a big difference pulling. I personally use a 8mm belt for pulling and a 10mm for squatting just because they seem to be the most comfortable respectively. You may want to shop around a little bit too, the elitefts belts are awesome, as our the APT belts (which is what I use now). APT will probably be the cheapest and will hold up like the other guys, Elitefts belts break in really nice from what I have seen and right now they are offering free shipping on purchases over 30.
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  4. Elitefts? Never heard of them. Will have to take a look. Thanks for the help guys.

  5. Elitefts is an awesome site for anything and everything powerlifting. They sell high quality equipment and have great customer support.
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  6. awesome will check it out. Any reason why a 1-prong v. 2 prong?

  7. If your cinching the belt tight it is a pain in the @ss to get both prongs in. Also once you have the belt on it is a lot easier to get out of the one prong belts than a two prong. I like the single prongs too because if you want to reposition the belt lower on your stomach you can just push it down and it will have a little more room to move that the two prong.
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  8. good deal, I think I will go with the 1prong. I have been checking out the elitefts site, seems like good stuff, just a long time to ship

  9. Yeah the belts take a little longer, but it doesn't take the full three weeks like they say. Make sure you look at as well because they have some nice belts at a good price, but its hit or miss if they are in stock for your size.
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  10. I was checking them too, everything was out of stock. Inzer had decent prices and all in stock to ship in a few days, also seemed like quality stuff

  11. I definitely enjoy my inzer gear. I have a 10mm forever belt and I love it. I think it would be great for your purposes.
    SFW and GFH

  12. it is on its way. I called them (I am an impatient s.o.b.) and it will be in my hands monday. However, I did hit deads today for the first time in a long while. Did sumo's and was very happy with the weight considering I am still working on getting my form down.

  13. got it, and am thrilled with overall feel of it. Looking forward to putting it to real use on thursday with deads. Of course I am off tomorrow then shoulders on Wednesday, wont need it till thursday

  14. it will take a while to break in and get used to but you definitely made a great choice with inzer.
    SFW and GFH


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